Tallahassee-Leon County Biking 2005
# of bike lane miles As of May 2003 there were 122 miles of trails, bike lanes, and paved shoulders for bicycle use in Leon County
# of off road trail miles --
# Bike Racks This is unknown. The City of Tallahassee requires that bike parking space be provided, but does not require bike racks.
Bike Coordinator? Yes. This position is currently vacant.
Bike Maps? Under Development
Hazard Report Form? The City of Tallahassee has a report form that can be used for a number of issues from traffic calming to traffic signals. This form can be found on the internet at the following address.

# of bike rack equipped buses All 45 buses in the TalTran fleet have bike racks.
Bikes on Trains? no
# Bike shops Seven
% of trips by bike? For working travel characteristics, 3.4% of all trips are either walking or biking trips.
Bike to Work Day? The Tallahassee-Leon County area annually celebrates “B-BOP to Work” week
# Colleges There are two major universities and a community college in Tallahassee:

The Florida State University (FSU) - 36,683 students
The Florida A&M University (FAMU) – 12,462 students
Tallahassee Community College (TCC) – 11,667 students
# of Rain/snow days On average it rains 116 days per year.
# of days below 45 degrees 0
Recycled Bike Program? Yes. Krank It Up!
Bike bridges? No
Bike undercrossings? No
Ctty Bike Repair? No
Population Tallahassee and Leon County combine 255,000
Local Bike Activist Organizations? (Please List) http://www.cccyclists.org
Planned http://www.crtpa.org/pdfs/DRAFT%20FY%2006%20TIP.pdf
Prepared by Jack Kostrzewa, Acting Executive Director, Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency