April 28, 2006
Mayor Tom Menino
Our meeting with the mayor's technology advisoer, Steven Gag, went very well. Mr. Gag read and presented us with a proclamation from the mayor's office. We also received a second proclamation from Councillor Felix Arroyo. Both men were very pleased and very expressive to have us starting our cross country tour from their city. 2006

Bob Nesson was filming the whole time and interviewed many of the participants. There were many people in attendance including members of MassBike (Vance Edwards-Orr, Richard, and Jesse), Bikes not Bombs (Jasmine Laietmark) , Livable Streets Alliance (Jeff Rosenblum), Hub on Wheels (Steve Miller) and the Busycle Project (Matthew). Our host John "dillweed" Dill, several of his friends and citizens of Boston, - more-

NBG Scouts: Scott Campbell, Jim Muellner

Boston NBG Day video (13:37)
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