The No Weld Recumbent

Ever ridden a recumbent bicycle but would love to spend more than a few minutes or hours on one so you could determine whether it was a worthy purchase?. Perhaps put one thru the paces for a month or two? And as such would a gamble of hundred bux (give or take a few $$) make it worth your while??

Perhaps just the cost of a recumbent bicycle has kept you out of the loop? As for me, it wasn't until I changed from a car centered lifestyle and started selling my cars and motorcycles that I was able to afford the small stable of bents hat I now find myself in possession of.

If any of the above describes you, here is a site that tells you how you can go about getting plans ($6) to convert bicycles often given up as junk into one most very road worthy recumbent. Without the use of welding torches:

And here is a review from someone who likes the ride of this No Weld homebuilt better than some of the store bought varieties he has tried: What he came up with looks pretty cool and it cost him $125. Total!

M A R T I N K R I E G : "Awake Again" Author
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I get help from allot of the no weld builders that are making the design better and better. Contributing their time and ideas to help everyone who's building one. A fellow in the peace corps went to Korea to build some of the no weld recumbents for people there. The homebuilders have made it what it is by improving & refining it.

David Rehus


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