At Play

As I bomb around Santa Cruz and its small neighboring seaside towns I get a lot of attention on my Penninger recumbent trike. And most everyone wants to get their picture taken with it. A total blast!

Martin Krieg
Author / Web Publishe

In the Mountains

Camille amazed at the comfort
The Seaview Surf gang
Everyone's riding a trike these days
Little Zach & Robin
John Gimelli and his '48 Buick Roadmaster
Grand Prize winner Grand National Roadster Show
Trailer towing is fun!!
Haul a refrigerator back from a garage sale? Across town? No Problem!!
Overlooking the Santa Cruz Mountians, I love climbing on my Penninger.
Penninger overlooking Seabright Beach, Santa Cruz, CA
Penninger Tandem Overlooking Yacht Harbor Lighthouse

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