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Liinear Roadster


"Linear’s designs have been slowly evolving over the years, and the bikes they build now have earned a very well-deserved and stellar reputation. The Roadster is already one of the best handling Short Wheelbase (SWB) recumbents that I’ve ridden and now the addition of a folding option just makes it that much better. And when Linear says it folds, they mean it really folds! Transporting a Roadster in any vehicle (including an airliner) is no challenge at all."

Lightning P-38 Voyager

Convenient — case fits in any car, taxi or rental car
High Performance — bike reassembles into a no-compromise P-38
Safety — the bike is fully protected in a hard-shell case
Quality — Lightning engineering in every part; you know it will work
Race Proven — we tested the prototype Lightning Voyager over many trips and thousands of miles of races for nearly a year before general release

Here's what you get with the Voyager option:

  • Three frame couplings, made by industry leader S&S Machine, allow frame to separate into two halves
  • Lightning-designed seat frame couplers, allow seat to separate into two parts
  • Thumbscrew-type clamp mounts for seat allow no-tools seat removal (same kind of seat mounting as on the Phantom, a proven design)
  • Quick release levers on boom and steering stem for no-tools assembly
  • Allen wrench and special wrench for the frame couplers
  • Wind-up spool on crankset for chain with no-tools chain quick-link; chain winds up with no twists or kinks or oily mess
  • Heavy-duty hard-shell case with two wheels, and lever handle lets you roll it with one hand
  • Case locks with included keys or your heavy-duty padlock for extra security
  • Special Velcro frame pads for each frame member mean no scratches in transit

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