Bent Parts, Supplies & Plans
Atomic Zombie
Trikes, Bent tandems, LWB, SWB, etc

The Groundhugger Plans
Revised plans from the bent that revitalized the movement (listen to the Podcast!)
See also their Carbon Fiber plans

LaBent by LaDue
Frames & Plans
Created by The Used Bike Shop, Lincoln, NE
Listen to the Podcast!
50+ mph time-tested homebuilt LWB for less than $200

LaBent Delta Trike plans

Recycled Recumbent Frames & Plans

Step by step plans for how to build a bent with recycled bike parts

Martin Krieg at Recumbent Cycle Con with AD Carson, long time owner Recycled Recumbents
Time tested and refined RR Seat with mounting hardware $160

NBG Books

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