How Trikes will Help Build National Bicycle Greenway
Avenue Trikes

  • High seat - easy for you to get in and out.
  • Rugged and rigid cro-molly frame - improved handling and stability.
  • Breathable mesh seat - no sweat riding.
  • Dual disc brakes - positive stopping in all weather.
  • Adjustable frame and seat - one size fits riders from ~5'2" to 6'4".
  • Adjustable seat recline - find your most comfy position.
  • Seat removes easily without tools - easier to transport.
  • 24 speeds - easily climb hills, even for a beginner.

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Converts from their two-wheeler

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Maria and Jim Parker
Lightning Cycle Dynamics
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Fast, Front Wheel Drive

Builder Interview

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Importer Interview
Trident Trikes
They All FOLD!
3 Wheels Good ... 2 Wheels Bad

Tom Flohr w/Martin Krieg,
Bryan Ball of BentRider on Line
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Why Trike?

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