Recumbent Two Wheelers

RAAM winner fast

Race Proven History
Discover the new way to ride - Front Wheel Drive breakthrough technology.

Holder of UMCA 24 Hour Women's Distance | UMCA 200 Miles | UMCA 12 HOUR Hour Women's Distance Interview

Easy Racer
Tradition of Performance and innovation

Rich Racing
first bike to exceed 65 mph
Human Powered Machines
Car-Free Tools from the home of the Center for Appropriate Transport, a non-profit organization committed to community involvement in manufacturing, using, and advocating sustainable modes of transportation

Only Production Folding Recumbent in the USA, Load Carriers, Cargo Bikes & Trikes, Long Wheel Base Trikes, Trailers, Apprenticeships, Framebuilding Workshops.

Builder Interview
Lightfoot Cycles
Safe, Comfortable, Efficient and Useful

World's most Comfortable Seat | Arm & Leg Power Breakthrough | Portable Long Wheel Base

Builder Interview
Lightning Cycle Dynamics
Race Across America's Fastest Bike Ever

Builder Interview
The pioneer of recumbent "Aluminum Beam" bicycles

Builder Interview
13 models all built aircraft precise

Builder Interview


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