November 07, 2003

Greenspeed-like trike Gets a Bigger Wheel!

Want a made in America Greenspeed-like trike that features the only 26" rear wheel in its class? If so, the famous Trimuter (made formerly made by Wicks Aircraft) just got better. Jerome Hediger, the man who rode a Wicks SWB Hed Turner in the Des Moines to Boulder leg of our NBG 2002 Mayors' Ride, left Wicks so he can concentrate on building even better Trimuters and Hed Turners. And one of the first things he set out to do , he has accomplished.

Build a trike with a 26" rear wheel!!

He tells us that the bike absorbs road shock better and that it rolls faster with a little bit less effort. Already his customers have told him they prefer the sexier look of the bigger wheeled trike in three out of every four purchase exchanges. Add the proven great ride and handling of American made Greenspeed-like trikes and this trike comes away a big winner worthy of your consideration. Go to:

Posted by mkreig at November 7, 2003 10:02 AM