November 09, 2003

World's Best Bike Flasher

Bike flashers come in many sizes and shapes, all with differing effectiveness, brightness and price. But there is one that stands head and shoulders above the rest. And as added testimony to this assertion, we were first introduced to this light, the Specialized AfterBurner Comp, by none other than Kelvin Clark, of Angle Tech Cycles , in Woodland, CO. And Kelvin does not carry any accessory at his nationally recognized store, unless he has had personal experience with the item in question. Add his brother, Dale Clark, of Angle Lake Cyclery, over in Seattle, WA, who also raves about the AfterBurner Comp, to the equation, and you gotta know this little unit has got to be powerful stuff.

I love mine. And in my own experience, I've been lusting for the perfect bike flasher since the days of the trusty Belt Beacon that kept me safe when I passed thru El Paso, TX and a few other towns late at night on my way across the US in 1986 for the National Head Injury Foundation. The Belt Beacon was the first but it's two 8-volt transistor radio batteries, weight and size kept it from making the kind of impact that modern day flashers pioneered by the now defunct Vista Lite (bought by Bell Sports) have had on the marketplace. This revolution began 1991 when a great number of Asian manufacturers flooded Interbike with their variations (unenforceable patent infringements) of this exciting new technology.

And yet none have become as bright or as exciting just to look at the as the AfterBurner Comp. Specialized has indeed hit a home run with this light. And if you have the right helmet, besides running it off of your handlebars or frame or seat stays, you can even mount it to your head protection gear. Or you can take off the included lightweight mounting hardware and just clip it to your pants.

See MTB Review for this worthy review.

With the AfterBurner Comp, the "I didn't see him excuse" can rarely be a valid one. At least at night.

Posted by mkreig at November 9, 2003 09:37 AM