February 24, 2004

New trike sensation: Natalia Florence

There's a new trike in town, whose builder, Craig Scholin, has been perfecting his three wheel building techniques for 17 years. A very successful machine designer with two other burgeoning businesses, back in Marshfield WI, Crag is now committing a large share of his resources to the three wheelers his customers have been raving about.

Some of you may have noted Craig's bikes here at bikeroute.com over the last couple of years as he has been busy determining what the marketplace has needed in a three wheel bike. Here now with the 2004 season though, he is going full bore. A tadpole (two wheels in the front) design, the Natalia Florence now comes in three models. All of which come with disk brakes. All of which feature steering handles that are so ergonomically efficient that they are protected by three different patents.

Craig's new bikes also offer a redesigned seat configuration and are built in a state of the art factory by experienced mechanics. And it is with all of this firepower that the Natalia Florence trike will be available for the first time ever only through established bike dealers. And if you are one, I suggest you contact Craig soon. My sense is that these machines are going to move like hotcakes

Natalia Florence web

Posted by mkreig at February 24, 2004 08:11 AM