March 13, 2004

Power Cranks Help Bents Set One Hour Record

This comes from the Power Cranks newsletter. Seems that record breaking Sam Whittingham has found the edge he needed to make his fast recumbent even faster as per:

Another world record set. Last November PowerCranker Sam Whittingham set another world record, pending certification. Sam, who has gone over 82 mph under his own power (for 200 yds) this time set a new one-hour record traveling over 52 mi. in the hour. This was done on a rolling closed course in Texas. A link can be found on the web site.

Dr Frank Day, the Power Cranks inventor is raising the bar all over the cycling world with his amazing pedal cranks that train the brain as they teach the pedaling muscles how to work in the most efficient way toward optimum power (teach you how to pedal correctly). Power Cranks was at our NBG Fest in Santa Cruz last August and when his system showed me I waste a ton of power trying to make my bike wheels move, I then tried to let his stationary trainer show me the correct way. And it's a good thing the pedal arms he makes ft on your regular bike for your regular rides because I could see I needed a ton of practice.....

If you want to see the new training tool that many of the top racers are using, go to Power Cranks

Posted by mkreig at March 13, 2004 10:14 PM