February 09, 2004

Slip Not: The Ultimate Bicycle Sunglass

I love my SlipNots! In fact, upon discovering them at a street fair in Boulder Creek, CA, it was love at first sight. It was the sexy wrap around look that reeled me in. It was the band that I knew would hold them snug to my head that seemed to seal the deal. That was two years ago and they haven't left my eyes since.

I wear them year round because they are so easy to find; they are either covering my eyes or hanging around my neck. They are also so comfortable that I hardly know they are there. I can wear them for hours and hours and not feel the least bit bothered by them. Unlike most sunglasses that press ever so gently against the temple or forehead, the SlipNots use a classy little adjustable band so the glasses almost float on your face. And no matter how fast, or how much, I turn my head, they always stay in the same place. Right in front of my eyes!! And it makes me feel good to know that, despite their delicate feel, I can wear them even when my play becomes rough -- they are impact resistant!!

And for what seems like a steal at $44.95 you get a classy little carrying case and a total of three different shaded lenses. With full attention to detail, the handsome neoprene carrier they give you is outfitted with an external clip so you can fasten it to your belt loop or brake cable or computer bag. Why is this important? Because now you can carry all three lenses with you and, for example, ride into work with the yellow tint that makes everything a little brighter, especially if it's foggy out, and easily change into one of darker greens for the ride home when there is more sun.

What's even more exciting is the fact that the SlipNot people approached us about outfitting our next year's Mayors' Ride riders with their sunglasses. We gladly accepted their offer to give a free pair for the part our NBG Scouts will soon play in doing ride research for the National Bicycle Greenway next summer as a part of the 4th Annual 2005 Mayors' Ride !! Do check these sunglasses out! Go to: http://slipnoteyewear.com

Posted by mkreig at February 9, 2004 11:08 PM