January 24, 2005

World's Tallest Bike Meets Low Racer

Here are a couple of Canadian Scott Graham's many bicycle creations.

And the tall one was, until recently, the world's tallest. Here
you can see how it evolved to 14 feet, 3 inches.

To see more of Scott's wild bikes, click here

The current world record holder, at 18 feet 2.5 inches, as judged by the Guinness Book of World Records, is Terry Goertzen, a pastor at the Jubilee Mennonite Church in Winnipeg. He rode his skyscraper for 300 metres to earn his spot in the annals of history. It is documented here. But there is only one picture. And sadly the bike is so tall, what they offer is cut off. But I did find the bike you see pictured below at the Salt Lake City Tribune site:.

And Terry is also fascinated with low bikes as per http://bikerodnkustom3.homestead.com/gallery260.html

Posted by mkreig at January 24, 2005 10:31 AM