June 26, 2005

An Edible Energy Bar!!

There was a time when I used to be a be to go to a bicycle trade show and live on Clif Bars. I knew a lot of other attendees who relied on the once venerable Clif Bar for good clean fuel to get them thru a day of being indoors, on concrete floors, under artificial lights and all the non stop banter. And yet slowly but surely all the garbage started sneaking in. As Clif Bars began more and more to serve the taste buds of the everyday food shopper they became less and less pure.

Well guess what? They have an edible bar once again. Only organic nuts, fruits, vanilla and juice concentrate, it is called the Clif Nectar. A Big League Home Run, it is major tasty. And at a buck twenty nine a copy (for who knows how long) they are going to get a lot of people hooked!!

Indeed, I have made sure to add this bar to list of acceptable road food I have in my on line book, "How to Bike America".....

Posted by mkreig at June 26, 2005 07:23 PM