September 26, 2007

Boyland Field Trip Fun

Scott Campbell, Max Chen, his fiance, Nancy and his friend, Dennis and I stopped in at Tom Kabat's Wooden Bike factory (aka Boyland) yesterday. What a blast. Here it is in pictures (I love my iPhone!):

Here we see Tom explaining to Max, who had wondered where all the bikes were, where to find them. Tom said that you have to know which pile to look in or behind which bush. We laughed when he told us that Boyland was full if surprises and that only a few of his experiments ever make it under a roof!

Tom gives the thumbs down to this failed trailer design - tho he says he has some other ideas for it....

Tom plucks an item from one pile that a neighbor left with him. He is not sure what it is..

He fishes his Knee Bike out of one of his piles for us to try.

Scott adjusts one "bike" as I look on. The scooter I am "seated" on consists of two scooters facing opposite ways..

Pretty tough to get any speed on, I crashed..

Everyone who walked by was curious about Tom's bike. Here's Laura on Tom's Triangle Bike. He husband Steve, behind her used to be a mechanical engineer and now he makes wine

Here's neighbor Brian and his wife with their Pharaoh Hounds

Scott got so good on this bike creation, he was able to take one hand off the bars as he rolled by me!

Scott with Nancy on the Knee Bike

Indeed we were the The Stooges. Tom's HiWheel is unicycle with a two by four attached to the seat. The board used to make a lot of noise as it dragged on the asphalt. Recently, he added a razer scooter wheel..

Too much fun!

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