March 03, 2008

Big Ha Spotted or Big Hmmmmm??

Spotted my second Big Ha on the sidewalk at the Tour de California prologue in Palo Alto a few weeks ago. The owner of the first one I saw in nearby Menlo Park the year before is friends with one of the bike company owners and he tells me that they have actually sold 250 of them! I began to believe such a thing might be possible when I saw my second Big Ha in two years. After all, this a a big country!

I started to feel it necessary to throw caution to the wind however, when the second owner didn't even know that his bike was not a happily known part of the recuumbent bicycle universe. Nor was he much aware of the connection between his machine and the BikeE that so many people used to love and enjoy Owner #2 found his on the web.

I will admit that Owner #1's bike rode beautifully but you have to wonder about a company that is led by a lot of the same people who were at the BikeE helm when that company went out of business the way they left so many people holding the bag. Especially when one of the featured products at their web site is a star gazing chair. They also seem to specialize in binoculars, telescopes and laser pens.... Big Ha or Big Hmmmmm? Hmmmm.....

I wonder if all those once loyal BikeE dealers and fans are saving their Big Ha's for a bike that is not only overpriced for what it is but was a machine that participated in the demise of the BikE as they knew it? And/or was/is the Big Ha only so much hubris?

Long Live BikeE!

Posted by mkreig at March 3, 2008 12:26 PM