March 24, 2008

20 Year Old Bent Promotion Video

Dick "The Godfather of Recumbents" Ryan wrote:
This is a promotional video I made about twenty years ago. Due to the fact that misinformation about recumbents is as common today as it ever was. Especially on Usenet where the "experts" with minimal to no experience reign. I thought that maybe the old cliche about a picture being worth a thousand words might apply. About 40 seconds is missing from the tape that I hope to fix shortly, (shows the riders passing the upright bike on the downhill). The rider in the downtown Boston part of the tape was myself. The riders in the suburbs were Harry Wallace on the bike with the camera, a bike racer from Fat City Cycles. The other rider was Steve Bussolari from M.I.T. who was one of the Daedalus project engineers.

Posted by mkreig at March 24, 2008 01:21 PM