November 25, 2003

BikeE Replacement: The $450 Cycle Genius

The CGX 3.0 (CLWB) Compact Long Wheel Base recumbent by Cycle Genius of Houston Texas has become widely recognized by bicycle dealers, recumbent and upright, as a more than worthy replacement for the BikeE which closed its doors in August of 2002. And at $450 the hot looking CGX comes in at a slightly lower price point than the BikeE that had everyone buzzing just a few years ago now. The product of seasoned bike industry enthusiasts and not venture capitalists like those that ran the BikeE operation, these guys have listened to bike dealers at Interbike for the past four years now. And every year, they come back with even better bikes. And a more impressive lineup.

The CGX is their entry level machine to two other CLWB's and a couple of Long Wheel Bases that look equally impressive. Do visit . Whether you want a solid, cost effective machine to get you bent or a bike that can perform with the best of them, these guys are going to be around to support your efforts. For what I sense is a long time!!

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November 24, 2003

How to build a low-cost Fairing

If you want to o build a low cost fairing out of Plastazote (R) LD45 cross-linked foam, also called Zote foam, John Tetz tells you where to get the materials you will need and then step by step takes you through the whole process from start to finish HERE.

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November 20, 2003

Pocket Mail Carrying Case Breakthrough

Kowabunga TransAm Pocket Mail riders!! I found what we've been looking for. A great carrying case for the Pocket Mailer:

A handsome, neoprene bag, it is awesome. Because it makes my PocketMailer so accessible, I'm whipping mine out all the time now to take addresses from other bike people or jot down a thought, etc. And with the built in clip (a tab folds over so it can also be worn on a belt) U can wear it on your bike shorts or fashion a belt that can be hung anywhere on the bike to place it within easy arm's reach. And it makes the Pocket Mailer even tougher as the is pretty much shock proof (I even dropped mine accidentally and it almost seemed to be landing a pillow).

More info:

msrp $14.99

Yahooooo -- e x c i t e d !!

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November 16, 2003

New Neon Light Makes Night Riding Fun!!

Want to be the talk of the night time road? Want to put on a light show that motorists will be unable to miss? If so, there's a new lighting product on the market that is as fun to use as it is conspicuous. An exciting glowing wire that vibrates in hues of pink, blue (two different shades), green, red and chartreuse that pierce thru the dark the EL Wire by Michael's Light Toys has been creating quite bit of attention for me now with the shorter daylight of the fast approaching winter.

The long lines of the recumbent lend themselves perfectly to this product as the one meter of wire that you get can be draped creatively all over the bike. And the two 2A batteries that run it last a very long time. So if you want cars to avoid you like the plaque as tho you are an invader from another planet and can love all the fun that will result, the EL Wire has your name on it!

$15 from Michael's Light Toys where the service will also astound you!!

btw: I look forward to the darkness now because of my EL Wire

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November 14, 2003

Lightfoot's Serious Recumbent Mtn Bike!

Lightfoot RANGER: A recumbent mountain bike, with dual 26" wheels. Highly adjustable seating. Two frame sizes, suitable for persons 5'4" to 6'10". Options: electric assist, front fairing, AeroJacket, under-seat panniers, fenders. Custom: special colors, take-apart frame, other.

At long last, there is a recumbent bicycle on the marketplace that is being taken seriously as a viable off road option. So much so that legendary builder, Kelvin Clark of Angle Tech Cycles, is already taking orders from many who want to take it to the next level of back country performance. Grown from the rugged mountain country of western Montana, the Ranger by Lightfoot Cycles is the product of many years of real hands on trail cycling.

If you want to see why the Ranger is turning the heads of mountain bikers all over the Northwestern back country, do get a look at their web . There you will find loads of pictures and a well articulated explanation for why this bike, a star at the Interbike dirt demo, creates so much excitement everywhere it finds dirt!

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November 13, 2003

Burley's New Affordable LWB Recumbents

Contact: Ronnel Curry 541-868-3159 or 541-953-0298
Todd Bischoff 541-687-1644

News Release
October 6, 2003

For 2004, Burley Design Cooperative engineered a new recumbent designed especially for those individuals seeking a highly comfortable and effortless ride at an affordable price. “We wanted to offer a recumbent that anyone, no matter what skill level, interest, or experience, could just hop on and take off,” Todd Bischoff, Burley Bike Product Manager, said. “We’re finding more and more people interested in the advantages of riding recumbents, and we wanted to offer a model that was as comfortable and accessible as possible.”

The new recumbent frame has a long 64-inch wheelbase and is offered with two different component specifications, under the names of Jett Creek and Koosah. The long wheelbase contributes to the smooth ride, as the frame absorbs many of the low-level bumps and vibrations. The Jett Creek and Koosah feature a low step-over height, which makes getting on and off the bike exceptionally easy, and a low bottom bracket, which provides stability and a relaxed riding position.
“Our five-foot tall soft goods designer was pleased when she was able to keep her feet flat on the ground when seated,” Bischoff reported.

The 24-speed Jett Creek uses Shimano® derailleurs and brakes, SRAM MRX Comp Grip Shifters and Truvativ Touro cranks, and retails for $1299.99. The 24-speed Koosah features high-performance Shimano® components, easy-to-use SRAM MRX Grip Shift twist shifters, durable wheels with Weinmann rims and DT spokes, and retails for $899.99.

Burley engineers fashioned this new recumbent with the same refined handling as their other five other current models. Burley began producing recumbents in their Eugene, Oregon facility five years ago.

Burley Design Cooperative, a worker-owned manufacturing cooperative for 25 years, produces high-quality, durable bicycle products, including child trailers, cargo trailers, trailercycles, tandems, recumbents, road bikes, commuter bikes and raingear in Eugene, Oregon. Their products are sold nationally and internationally through independent bicycle dealers and specialty sporting goods stores. For more information call 541-687-1644, send email to or visit the website:
# # #

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November 09, 2003

World's Best Bike Flasher

Bike flashers come in many sizes and shapes, all with differing effectiveness, brightness and price. But there is one that stands head and shoulders above the rest. And as added testimony to this assertion, we were first introduced to this light, the Specialized AfterBurner Comp, by none other than Kelvin Clark, of Angle Tech Cycles , in Woodland, CO. And Kelvin does not carry any accessory at his nationally recognized store, unless he has had personal experience with the item in question. Add his brother, Dale Clark, of Angle Lake Cyclery, over in Seattle, WA, who also raves about the AfterBurner Comp, to the equation, and you gotta know this little unit has got to be powerful stuff.

I love mine. And in my own experience, I've been lusting for the perfect bike flasher since the days of the trusty Belt Beacon that kept me safe when I passed thru El Paso, TX and a few other towns late at night on my way across the US in 1986 for the National Head Injury Foundation. The Belt Beacon was the first but it's two 8-volt transistor radio batteries, weight and size kept it from making the kind of impact that modern day flashers pioneered by the now defunct Vista Lite (bought by Bell Sports) have had on the marketplace. This revolution began 1991 when a great number of Asian manufacturers flooded Interbike with their variations (unenforceable patent infringements) of this exciting new technology.

And yet none have become as bright or as exciting just to look at the as the AfterBurner Comp. Specialized has indeed hit a home run with this light. And if you have the right helmet, besides running it off of your handlebars or frame or seat stays, you can even mount it to your head protection gear. Or you can take off the included lightweight mounting hardware and just clip it to your pants.

See MTB Review for this worthy review.

With the AfterBurner Comp, the "I didn't see him excuse" can rarely be a valid one. At least at night.

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November 07, 2003

Upright Racers: Haluzak Best Transition Bent?

Word is starting to get out in upright circles about the Haluzak Hybrid Race . A short wheel base (swb) recumbent that weighs in at 26 pounds (and likely less with the new Velo City wheels with which they will soon be equipped), it has the same wheelbase, 40.5 inches, as most conventional diamond frame two wheelers. And as such not only does the bike feel more familiar to those looking to not make discomfort a part of their cycling, but it is easier to learn the recumbent way on a Hybrid Race. On a Haluzak because the far more comfortable under the seat steering is linkage controlled, and not the cheaper to build fork tube to handlebar stem direct connection found on most SWB's, parking lots turns are far more readily negotiated and uphill climbing is much less tenuous - in sum, the bike is nimble, making it easier to learn. And the Ultegra drive train combines with the famous, time tested Haluzak craftsmanship to make for one go fast comfort machine!!

Serious speed enthusiasts, looking for a more comfortable way, only, need apply. MSRP $2,375

btw: A by-product of the more conventional wheelbase is the fact that this machine, like the other Haluzak SWBs, the Leprechaun and the Horizon, fits on a standard car or bus rack for those wanting to transport their machines to better riding turf.

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Greenspeed-like trike Gets a Bigger Wheel!

Want a made in America Greenspeed-like trike that features the only 26" rear wheel in its class? If so, the famous Trimuter (made formerly made by Wicks Aircraft) just got better. Jerome Hediger, the man who rode a Wicks SWB Hed Turner in the Des Moines to Boulder leg of our NBG 2002 Mayors' Ride, left Wicks so he can concentrate on building even better Trimuters and Hed Turners. And one of the first things he set out to do , he has accomplished.

Build a trike with a 26" rear wheel!!

He tells us that the bike absorbs road shock better and that it rolls faster with a little bit less effort. Already his customers have told him they prefer the sexier look of the bigger wheeled trike in three out of every four purchase exchanges. Add the proven great ride and handling of American made Greenspeed-like trikes and this trike comes away a big winner worthy of your consideration. Go to:

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One Speed BikeE Spotted in Portland

The people at One Speed Revolution spotted the above one speed BikeE and featured it on page 12 of the current issue of their excellent publication about the single speed bicycle culture that is springing up in cities all over the US. Do get a look, it will be worth you while:

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November 06, 2003

Coventry: The Recumbent Giant of Oregon!

Sherman Coventry, who does a daily 12-mile commute to this shop in Portland, OR, Coventry Cycle Works open since 1984, on his Tour Easy recumbent, has been selling recumbents there since 1995. And during that time, he has watched that part of his his business grow and grow. So much so, in fact, that recumbents now make up half of his sales volume and take up over half of his floor space. As a man who bikes his talk, his store has easily become the HPV Giant of Oregon (btw: in one of the hottest bike cities in America).

A no frills, down to earth guy who likes a bike that can perform, whether upright or bent, and an intellectual who is most knowledgeable about all of his offerings, at his shop he sells all the top brands: Haluzak, Easy Racer, Rans, Vision, Bachetta, Big Cat, Sun EZ and Burley. If your are in the Pacific Northwest don't miss the chance to visit one of America's premiere recumbent dealers!! The Coventry Cycle Works web site: .

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November 05, 2003

Real Couch Bike Comedy in Canada

Jim 'Parky' Wetherell ( , the Parkison's survivor who rode from San Francisco to Santa Cruz for us last summer as part of our second annual National Mayors' Ride ( , forwarded this hysterical short story (complete with pictures) of two guys who pedaled a 7-foot wide couch across an island in Canada.

Not only does the thought of someone turning a couch into a pedal bike sound funny enough, but the madcap adventure that ensues is all too comical. Their encounters with rain, police, barricades and the crashes they had, found me laughing out loud more than a couple of times.

btw: Parky must have identified with them. Their "machine" weighed in at 95 pounds while the trike he rode last summer, tho only two and a half feet wide, weighed in at 70 pounds (I love a heavy bike that can perform well -- my Penninger trike, likes Parky's, makes me stronger especially when the shorter days give me less time to ride).

btw2: Having ridden a recumbent bike since 1983, and being accused of riding a couch bike for all of those two decades, I know the two guys above have given a new meaning to the word 'recumbent' bike!

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