March 29, 2007

Rhoades Car Truck Joins CouchBike to Star in Parade

People who buy the 4-wheel Rhoades Car find all kinds of creative uses for their unique bikes.

The yellow truck you see pictured here teamed up with the CouchBike from the The Bicycle Forest to star in the Waterloo. Ontario parade captured in the short YouTube video below:

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March 27, 2007

The Busycle: Ride the Ultimate Recumbent

After a winter of inaction, the Busycle rides again! This only one of its kind vehicle is now ready to stretch its legs in preparation for the fairs and bike events of May and the rest of the summer. If you've never ridden the Busycle before, now is your chance to come give it a whirl. Toward that end, on Sunday April 1, we'll be giving 1/2 mile demonstration rides from 12-4 on the block that surrounds El Carmello elementary school on the Bryant St Bike Blvd at Loma Verde in Palo Alto, CA. If we get enough fit riders, we may even do a few time trials.You can help us get it El Carmello, we leave at noon from my house in midtow, or you can meet us at the grade school at any time to join in the fun. Guests Welcome. For directions or to to sign up for the Evite, post a message at the Busycle blog:

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March 26, 2007

All New Linear 3.0 Arrives

Peter Stull, the owner of Bicycle Man, in Alfred Station, NY, who has been busy resurrecting the time honored Linear for the last three years now, recently shipped the second ever reincarnation to a tall man learning how to enjoy life again after the death of his wife.

And according to this report:

his new Linear is making him feel like a happy excited kid all over again:

The excitement that Peter feels for rebuilding this legendary machine comes through in this man's report. They also come through in the podcast we did with Peter about a year ago now. To hear that fun interview again go to:

You can also see what Peter looked like when he was a hippie running his first bike shop back in the 60's at:

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March 21, 2007

Edy Arturo Lopez Peralta shows off his Chopper Bent

Edy Arturo Lopez Peralta shows off his bicycle. Maybe you like.
by Richard Ross Harris aka Rossangeles

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March 20, 2007

Post Pictures of your Bent for FREE at our Classifieds

If you have a recumbent you want to sell, we will let you place it at our Bent Classifieds WITH up to 3 photographs for FREE. Contingent upon how much traffic this offer generates, we will make this offer available until we announce otherwise. To take advantage of this, place your text at our classifieds and send your pictures and the ad ID # to nbgATbikerouteDOTcom. This applies to NBG dealers with old stock they are trying to move. For example, see the new Cargo Trike that S&B Recumbents is selling at our classifieds. To see our classifieds:

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March 19, 2007

(Upright) Bike Riding Induces Impotence!

You may think that practicing a sport is beneficial for your health.

And it is.

Only that some sports can have surprising and contrary effects.

A research has discovered that riding a bike for long periods of time can induce temporary erectile difficulties, including impotence.

The highest risk is experienced by males who cycle at least three hours every week. The harmful effects are due to the fact that sitting on a bicycle seat for long periods exerts high pressure on a very sensitive area the perineum, between the genitals and the anus. This particular area is full of nerves and blood vessels and the pressure on them harms the nerves and temporarily impedes blood flow, causing tingling or numbness in the penis and, eventually, erectile dysfunction (impotence).

Not surprisingly, one research discovered that while a conventional bicycle provokes this severe even if temporary cutoff in blood flow to the penis, a recumbent bicycle did not, because the rider does not support himself on the perineum. But if a recumbent bike is not pleasant or recommendable for you, some precautions are necessary to avoid cycling-related erectile problems:

- Use padded biking shorts.

- Raise the handlebars changing your riding position to a relatively upright one. In this position, pressure passes from the perineum to the buttocks.

- Avoid narrow seats, install a wide, well-padded or gel-filled one, which decreases the pressure on the perineum.

- Seat position also decreases pressure: if it is so high that your legs must be fully extended at the bottom of your pedal stroke, the pressure on perineum is maximum; thus the seat must not be tilted up.

- During long rides, the position on the seat must be changed often and breaks are necessary.

- If a sensation of tingling or numbness is felt in the penis, riding the bike must be stopped for a week or two.


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March 12, 2007

Pedal as you Wash (your clothes)

From England comes a great way to save trips to the laundromat as you get exercise:

Read all about it at

The Cyclean with Inventor Alex Gadsden

Imagine how much more laundry one could get done by using a recumbent instead of the mountain bike Ales has designed this for. Hmmmm, how about connecting the Cyclean to the Geek Cycle so you can also sit at your computer while you pedal your wash. WoW!!

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March 09, 2007

Pedal (on a recumbent) While You Work!

From the Slim Geek people comes the Geek-a-Cycle TM:

If you've ever been looking for a way to stay fit while you sit at your desk, for $400, you can have the bike AND the desk! Go to

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March 08, 2007

Bent Senior & German No Steer Handbuilt

This video footage is of a Venura, CA based senior in two wheel action on his bent:

The German No Steer Handbuilt:

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March 06, 2007

Unprecedented Solor Powered Running Robot

As per our photo gallery HERE, Bob Schneeveis and his solar powered robot (a true Goliath) accompanied the Busycle as our 5th Annual Mayors' Ride toured Palo Alto during Palo Alto NBG Day on July 27th. Now you can see it in action in this short YouTube movie that just came out:

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