October 20, 2008

Marla Goody Band to send the Busycle back to Boston

The amazing and beautiful Marla Goody, a vocal powerhouse beyond compare, has agreed to bring her band to the sprawling YMCA complex in Palo Alto, CA, to help send the Busycle back to its home in Boston. She will be joined on Nov 15th by other bands as yet to be confirmed and there will also be a place on the stage for Chantal V's scintillating tango exhibition. All this as jugglers and unicyclists fill in what other empty spots remain.

Legends from bicycling including Jobst Brandt, the author of the timeless book, "The Bicycle Wheel" and Tanya Markham, the first woman to go 63 mph on a bike, will be there. Rumor has it that Fast Freddy Markham, Tanya's dad, and first man to go 65 mph, twenty years before, will also be on hand.

Besides the Busycle rides that will encircle the 1/4 miles track we will have formed in the massive parking lot outside, Kinetic Sculpture Vehicles from far and near will also be offering rides as well as exhibitions.

Don't forget:
Great food from well known culinary artists
The chance to get your photo taken with a real 19th century bike
Silent auction with great prizes from the community and beyond
Etc, etc

The end result will be an epic day of fun and memories that will live on for a long long time....

To see the invitation and/or let us know you are coming: click here!!

Posted by mkreig at 09:27 PM