Why Recumbent Tandem?

- Important Car Free Tool

- Enhances social life (eliminates the need for a car to get to know the opposite sex)

- Lets riders of differing abilities and strengths ride with one another (no more waiting for your ride companion or struggling to keep up)

- Can use to hold mobile meetings

- Can be used as a bike taxi to pick up or drop off friends

- Cheap entertainment (once you make the required larger investment)

- Great conversation piece: People want to talk to you when they can find you stopped on one

- Carries bigger loads: You can use one to get your large purchases home such as dog food or laundry, etc, without having to break out a bike trailer. You can bungie such goods to the back seat in lieu of another rider.


Pictured: S&B Tandem
in honor of Jack Baker, RIP (podcast) one of the modern day recumbent inventors

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