Why Recumbent Trike?
"If I had to have just one machine, while intellectually I would say it should be a
versatile mountain bike, I'd probably choose a recumbent trike because they are so
much fun. You only live once!"

From "Richard's 21st Century Bicycle Book" by
Richard Ballantine the author of the 30-year old,
million copy best selling "Richard's Bicycle Book"

- You can really see the world around you instead of always having to be on the lookout for cracked pavement or uneven surfaces that can swallow your wheel and possibly you.

- One can still get a good workout even with a weaker partner

- You don't have to worry about balance .

- Because of the above your ride is always comfortable and you can enjoy roads that you used to avoid.

- Easier to start and stop. This makes it:

- Far easier to stop when climbing hills and then get going again. As a result you can take a rest, enjoy the view or jot down a thought.
-Also when ascending, you don't tire as quickly as less of your energy is expended on keeping the bike moving in a straight line especially on steep grades.
- Great for errands: Faster to get in and out of and to park.
- Wait at traffic lights (Your feet stay on the pedals).
- Easier to let cars pull out driveways in front of you.
- Easier to let people walk by in front of you.

- Gives you a comfortable seat to watch sporting events, downtown parades or just people at any kind of play.

- Built in trackstands making it easier to start and stop in traffic.

- More nimble and quick than most bikes making it far easier to get around in traffic.

- Turns are fun.

- Easier to maneuver on crowded bike paths.

- Novel: Everyone wants to talk to you when you ride one.

- They have a reverse gear. Use your arms {like in a wheelchair} to move backward.

- Small turning radius. Most can do 360's equal in size to the bike's length.

- Kids and old people love them.

. Can ride longer because they are the most comfortable bike on the road today.

- Higher speed potential because on one the riders sits lower to the ground where the air is easiest to move through.

- Safer: Blowouts or any other kind of mechanical difficulty won't put you on the ground.

- Built in kickstand.

- Great on crowded bike paths, even at markets or other outdoor events as one can go walking speed if need be. This not to mention the fact that, once there, they are easy to maneuver as well as stop and start. And they make for a great seat if something catches your interest.

- The wider berth that is required is like towing a trailer.

- Disarming & F U N!!.

Pictured: S&B Trikes (in honor of Jack Baker who pioneered the modern day recumbent)

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