The Boulder Reception
(from Des Moines, IA )
July 2,2002
Brought to you by:
Boulder City Council Members Spense Havlick and Lisa Morzel with :Jerome Hediger, manager of Wicks Aircraft,
as he holds the Boulfrt Proclamation
The morning started pretty much as usual, except I knew it was my last ride and a short one at that. I approached Boulder on Rt. 7 which is mostly downhill into Boulder. The traffic was heavy and the shoulder was very narrow in spots, but I was excited about the coming events of the day. Boulder Bike Coordinator, Marni Ratzel had given me instructions on how to enter the Boulder Creek Path when I got into town. I found the path OK and when I started riding it I knew Boulder was a special place.

The path follows the creek through town past the college, high school, mall and many stop offs in the downtown area. The creek is beautiful and I hardly knew the city was literally just feet away. I honestly do not know how cities could do without paths like this if the city planners had experienced the tranquility I felt using it. And I only used a very small portion of the available paths that run all around the city.

Marni had arranged for a bike police escort to take me to a very quaint area of the city closed off for foot travel only where shops and eating areas are found. The police and I walked our bikes into the common area where there were many people gathered for lunch and music entertainment. When they saw us a huge cheer and applause was given and council people Lisa and Spense introduced me to the crowd and read the mayoral proclamation.

I said my thank-you's to the crowd and the music began. I gave interviews and then many of us went on a short celebratory ride around the city. I can not think of a better way and a better place to end my 700 mile journey.

I felt as though I were preaching to the preacher in Boulder, a town that really does love cycling, but they were very appreciative of the effort I and all the NBG riders had contributed to safer cycling.

It is a bittersweet end to a marvelous trip. My body is happy for the rest, but my spirit will always yearn for the open road and what little mystery or surprise might be waiting around the next bend in the road.

I enjoyed everyone's company and blessings along the way and will miss everyone and everything about the ride. Andrew, I am very sorry your chance to experience what I so fortunately was able to, was cut short, but I will continue to send you healing thoughts and I know some day your time will come to stand in the light again.

My final farewell,
Farkle (Jerome)


Jerome waits his turn on the stage

Jerome gets ready for celebratory ride

Jerome cruises Boulder on the Wicks Hed Turner with police escort
It was a great honor for Boulder to participate as a host city in welcoming cyclist Jerome Hediger and the National Bike Greenway Mayor's Relay bike ride. Two Boulder Police Department bicycle patrol officers escorted Jerome to the welcoming reception held on the Pearl Street Mall, Boulder's pedestrian-promenade and retail corridor in the heart of downtown. Council Members Spense Havlick and Lisa Morzel shared the pleasure of reading a Proclamation by Mayor Will Toor and presenting it to Jerome. After the welcoming reception we rallied a group for a celebratory ride.

Marni Ratzel
Boulder Bike Coordinator

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