The Eugene Reception
(from Portland, OR )
National Bicycle Greenway Day in Eugene
July 25,2002
L-R: Mayor Jim Torry, Bicycle & Alternative Modes Coordinator, Diane Bishop, Andrew Morton
Diane Bishop, my bike contact with the City of Eugene, had emailed me a set of directions to get onto a greenway, down along the river and into town to meet her. [..] I met Diane at a beautiful rose garden along the trail and we rode on to City Hall. There I met Beth Forrest, the other person coordinating my visit and then finally Mayor Jim Torrey. This being my first visit to a city on behalf of the NBG and the first time I remember meeting a mayor, I was a bit nervous. I wonder if it was obvious, he started out by joking with me "I didn't wear a tie today, I figured you wouldn't be wearing a tuxedo on your way down."

Feeling a bit more at ease we talked about their greenways and I spent quite a bit of time telling them what a good job they were doing. He gave me the proclamation (they're actually going to mail it so it doesn't get trashed riding down in my bags) and a bunch of Eugene novelty items. We went outside to check out my bike and get a couple more pictures before the Mayor had to leave to go back to his business.

Afterwards Diane took me to lunch at this wonderful Indian-Mediterranean restaurant. As we ate we looked over the brand new copy of ODOT's bike map Diane dug up for me (if I'd known she had one I wouldn't have ridden the 6 miles to recover the old one) and planned a route south. What a great experience!!

Andrew Morton

Andrew arrived early for his meeting with Mayor Torrey. Unfortunately noone from the media or from the bike groups in town were able to attend. However, we had a great visit with Andrew; he is a delightful ambassador for the NBG. Mayor Torrey presented Andrew with a proclamation supporting the National Bicycle Greenway, and a T-shirt that says "Eugene Likes Bikes."
We then took a look at Andrew's bicycle so the Mayor could see another option to the mountain bicycle which he usually rides. After our lunch downtown and a couple of chocolate Eugene medallions, Andrew took off for the Oregon coast on his next leg of the journey. Next stop, Sacramento.

Diane Bishop
Bicycle & Alternative Modes Coordinator
City of Eugene, OR

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