The Indianapolis Reception
(from Columbus, OH )
May 24,2002
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Chris Detwiler, sponsored by Bicycle One, poses with Indianapolis Recreation Dept. Director Joseph Wynns and one of Indianapolis's finest
solitude! it's such a wonderful thing to have. i believe that solitude is the only way to rest mentally. when you work with people all day and you go home to a wife who is anxious to talk, solitude is hard to come by. i was tired physically after my trip but i am refreshed in a deeper way. This was very good for me and very much needed.

so many thought come into your head when you spend 15 hours alone on a bike. why do so many people who try so hard at life seem to fall on their face. It's almost like a curse. some people live their life no better but seem blessed beyond belief. why. i believe god has the grand scheme of things under control but i don't understand why he works the way that he does. i guess if i could understand him he would not be much of a god... but still... what does he want from us. sometimes i think it doesn't matter. he blesses whom he chooses and that's that. okay maybe i'm just rambling but I've had a while to think about this.

Riding a bike 180 miles past peoples houses and through peoples towns and waving at them as they pass in cars or are plowing their fields with their tractors or putting along on their lawn mowers is like sharing a piece of their life with them. under ordinary circumstances i would be no where close to interacting with them at all but because of this ride i was able to.

i had the privilege of staying at two wonderful bed and breakfasts on my trip. they were both wonderfully enchanting old homes that had their own personalities. i had never stayed at a b and b before but I'm sold. The people went out of their way to make me feel at home. I felt like i was worth a million dollars which is actually kind of funny because i forgot my wallet. I had some food with me but not enough for dinner after a long ride. the first lady at the B&B went to the store and bought me food. the second stop used the same credit card number i reserved my room on and called a great restaurant and made reservations for me.

well that's my trip and my thoughts. overall it was pretty uneventful and relaxing.

Chris Detwiler

Joseph Wynns has fun with Valley Bikes riders who welcomed Chris
Mike McDowell gives Indy proclamation to Jim Muellner at his shop, Valley Bikes, in nearby Carmel

Chris & Joe are humored by a question
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