The Napa Reception
(from Sacramento, CA )
August 5, 2002
Andrew Morton with Mayor Ed Henderson and members of the Eagle Cycling Club
We had a good reception in Napa with about 12 bicyclists, the mayor and his staff, and the local news. Look for an article in the Napa Valley Register tomorrow or Wednesday. We took lots of pictures. Should be some in the paper. We'll also put some up on our club web site,, but that will take us a while.

Thanks for coming to Napa!!
Sandy Houck

Andrew Morton
Pocket Mail Report Below

Mayor Henderson chats with Andrew pictured here in his Pocket Mail shirt
RICHMOND, CA 08/05/02 - Up early and with only with a few things to do before meeting the Mayor, my host Peter showed me a short loop I could take out through some of the vineyards. It was great. I got a couple pictures and saw some beautiful country side spread over rolling hills. By the time I was done I felt like I'd earned breakfast.

I stopped in at Bicycle Madness and they sold me a bike map of the North Bay and a new rear tire. Replacing the cheapie I got in Chico with another slightly less cheap tire that would run at 110 psi instead of 65 psi was a major improvement. I picked up 2-4 miles per hour on my average speed.

Back on Friday in Sacramento while I was waiting for the guys at City Bikes to swap out the derailleur I met a lady named Sandy working there who lived in Napa. I told her about the ride and that I'd be going through there on Monday and meeting the mayor. She was interested and said she'd
email some other riders in town and the Eagle Cycling Club of which she's a member.

Sandy really got the word out. After the events in the last three cities having little participation from local cyclists--mostly because we weren't able to find the Sandy in each town that could let the right people know about it--I was blown away to see the 10-15 cyclists, some on recumbents, that showed up. The fact that that many people turned out from a relatively small town made a big statement: a lot of people care about safe cycling in Napa. Best of all the Napa News was there with a reporter and photographer to document the whole thing. [ I'm told there are a few inaccuracies but you can read the article (here).

Mayor Ed Henderson came out read and then presented me with a proclamation declaring August 5th National Bicycle Greenway Day in Napa. We got some photos taken, talked to the news paper reporter, then the riders escorted me out of town. Before they left they showed me the best way to get down across the bay into Martinez.

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