The Portland Reception
(from Boise, ID )
National Bicycle Greenway Day in Portland
July 23,2002
L-R:Bob Schwankler, Skot Paschal, Portlad City Commissioner Jim Francesconi
Skot & Bob's Reception

The cameras from channel 8 KGH Radio 1190 KEX

They all walked by me I just don't look the part.

It's bakin' here,

They all went inside

It's time to interview myself:

Q:Tell us about the trip.

A:Andrew Heckman

Q: How do you like Portland?

A:Andrew Heckman.

Q:Whatis the Big Picture?

A: Andrew Heckman.

Q:What is NBG?

A: Andrew Heckman.

Q:Why is Andrew Heckman the only answer you give?

A: You see, in month or so this statement wil be over, but for him the learning to walk and coping with the pain will never end. He is a hero. A hero for cyclists everywhere. He wanted to promote a safer place for everyone and that decision cost him to the extreme.

So, I want it to be a litany, especially here in Portland, his home and the place of ultimate bicycle living. He needs be on the minds of all of us, that even the best safety precautions can sometimes not be enough.

Skot Paschal
NBG Relay rider who rode from Boise, ID

NBG visits Andrew Heckman's adopted hometown
Note: Bob Schwakler rode from Boise to Portland but left his pocket Mailer at home so we were unable to track his progress. While more of the unpredictability of distance riding cropped up when Andrew Morton flatted on the way into the reception and got there after it was all over...
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