The San Jose Reception
(from Palo Alto, CA )
August 9, 2002
Andrew Morton talks with Mayor Ron Gonzales as the media crowds in for a closer look
Channel 5 KPIX had a camera out today for Andrew's visit to San Jose city hall and Mayor Ron Gonzales, and we also had KCBS radio out. Andrew was accompanied by 5 San Jose Police bicycle officers, and he was greeted by Mayor Gonzales and Councilmember Ken Yeager, along with John Brazil, the City's Bicycle Program Manager in our Dept of Transportation. Good luck on your event this week, and happy trails.

Public Relations officer
"73 TransAm Vet

Andrew Morton
Pocket Mail Report Below

It must have been 100 degrees in downtown San Jose today. Mayor Gonzales noted the irony that today was a "spare the air" day in San Jose. Councilman Ken Yeager also came down to meet Andrew being an avid runner and cyclist himself. We were also met by David Vossbrink, the transam cyclist from the mayor's office and John Brazil, San Jose's bike & pedestrian coordinator. There were TV and radio interviews. Despite the heat today in San Jose and yesterday in Palo Alto, Andrew always stays so cool!

Faye Saunders
NBG Fest Booth Coordinator

SAN JOSE 08/09/02 - As I left my friend Chris's house this morning I checked the PocketMailer to see where I was supposed to be. The top email had the address for City Hall and said 11:00. I rolled up and found Fay, Martin's friend. Her first question was "Where are the bike cops?". "What bike cops?". Apparently I was supposed to have met the bike cops and some other people at Cesar Chavez park at 10:30, ooops.

I rode down to see if I could find them and yet it was farther than I thought so I turned back. As I came across the street I saw a TV camera. I pulled up and apologized for missing the escort. Mayor Ron Gonzales gave me the proclamation and Channel 5 video taped it then interviewed me. The really just wanted to talk about water consumption so the angle they were pursuing was pretty clear. When I caught the news that evening there were about 5 seconds of video of me riding crammed in a story about keeping hydrated in the record heat. A radio station was there too, they seemed interested in an actual interview but I never heard it air. The bike cops showed up shortly after and I apologized to them too. The TV people wanted to get a few shots of me riding so I said good bye and headed back to my friends house.

Didn't make it far though. I ended up buying a news paper and sitting in front of a 7-11 drinking a slurpee to cool off. It was record heat after all. An hour later I finally made it back to the house.

Tomorrow's a down day (I'm going to go see Modest Mouse play) so no email. Look for the conclusion of this trip on Sunday though.


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