The Sacramento Reception
(from Eugene, OR )
August 2, 2002
Andrew Morton with Carol Stubbs, Mayor Heather Fargo's Chief Aide and Parks and Rec Director Bob Overstreet

Two Words:

Made it!!

Andrew Morton
Full Report Below

Ann Steele of NBG Sponsor Gold Country Cyclery with Andrew
SACRAMENTO, CA 08/02/02 - I woke up with forty-something miles to go and not a lot of hours. I got off to a good start but as the day heated up the wind picked up. Not wanting to be late again, and this time for reasons solely within my control, I started really pushing. I rode down CA-99E, taking the last turn off before it merged with I-5. Stopping only once to buy a couple of Powerbars, I navigated the back roads on into the city. Just as I was about to ride under I-80 Carol, with the mayor's office, called. She got me on a rails to trails path that let me finish up the last 10 miles on Sacramento's amazing greenway system.

I met up with Velda, a Roseville cyclist, and her son Chris at Discovery Park around 11:30. Ed Cox the Alternative Modes Coordinator with the city rode up a few minutes later followed by Carol and finally Joe, a rider affiliated with a few cycling clubs. Ed, Chris, Joe and I took a riding tour of some of Sacramento's bike and pedestrian facilities on the way to City Hall. We got there a little before 13:00, Carol and Velda, who had driven back, met us shortly there after. The Mayor had gone home sick so the Parks and Recreations Commissioner stepped in and presented the proclamation in her place. Pictures were taken all around and a few people took a try riding my bike as I watched nervously shouting encouragement, "good, good, don't crash, just put your foot down" that sort of thing.

Afterwards Carol took Joe and I to lunch. She had to return to work but Joe volunteered to take me around to get my errands all taken care of. Off we went to City Bikes and after bribing them with a couple six packs of soda they agreed to replace my shifter and derailleur in an hour instead of waiting a week and a half as they'd originally suggested. While I waited I think I helped sell a couple of BikeEs, and I met the father of PocketMail's one remaining engineer (hard times all around). One more stop at a running shop for some shoe insoles and I was all set.

Back towards City Hall. Across the street in Cesar Chavez Park I got to see Ed's off-duty pet project in action, free (as in tips) bike parking at the Friday night concerts in the park. It was a great idea. With the beer garden setup in part of the park it kept a bunch of drunk people out of their cars and their bikes from becoming tripping hazards. He said they've never had a bike disappear but sometimes people forget to pickup their bikes.

Carol was kind enough to offer to put me up for the night, on top of that she even cooked dinner for me. Tomorrow I'm going to head out for Napa, hopefully giving myself a bit more time and a more relaxed pace.


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