The Salt Lake City Reception
National Bicycle Greenway Day in Salt Lake City
July 10,2002
Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Amderson presents NBG Proclamtion to Rocky Brown
Rocky met Rocky in Salt Lake City . There was TV coverage and a small crowd watched as Mayor Rocky Anderson presented an NBG proclamation to NBG Relay Rider
Rocky Brown

I am at Bountiful City Park for my first long rest under a huge covered group area which I have all to my self writing this on an aluminum picnic table. No one here because in the 95+ heat everyone is making plenty of noise in that very inviting pool across the full parking lot. I rode about 16 miles from Washington Square Park in downtown Salt Lake City.

At the reception (not a large crowd, about 20), I was pretty nervous but it was exciting to meet Mayor Rocky Anderson, his bike coordinator, Lisa Romney, and the area Ch. 2 news lady with her cameraman. Lisa gave me a Salt Lake City Bikeways Map that helped me get out of the City center. I am putting away the Salt Lake City Map and looks like it will be the Utah State Map for my trip into Ogden from here.

Rocky Brown

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