Santa Cruz Bikes Wish List
(Random Order)

* Continuous bike lanes on Soquel Ave

* Bike lanes on Bay St (Mission to King)

* Close Hwy 9 to Felton to cars on weekends

* Close Garden Mall to cars on weekends

* Contra Flow bike lane on Garden Mall (Pacific Ave)

* Repair bike lane pavement on Front St

* Restore the river levee bike/ped connection at Third St/Laurel Ext\ (perhaps by closing Laurel Ext to cars)

* Improve bike connection from the Boardwalk to Murray/Eaton

* Improve bike connection from Eaton over the Harbor

* Repair RR crossings, eg, at Bay and California, Chestnut and Walnut, Beach St, etc. (why not rubberize the crossings?)

* Revive the idea of LOBS (Level of Bike/pedestrian service)

* Bridge needed over Branciforte Creek by San Lorenzo Park

* Enforce the bike parking ordinance, or other means to ensure better bike parking at all new developments.

* Smoothness and compaction ordinance for street repairs, as in Palo Alto

* Better street sweeping on Mission St

* Pass a separate schedule of bike fines

* Allow bicyclists who get ticketed the option of a "bike traffic school"

* Institute a separate "bike traffic court" for bike infractions

* Better enforcement against motorists who break safety related laws.

* Combat bike theft by installing video cameras at high risk locations

* Additional space for bikes on County bus routes

* Publicity and co-ordination of progress on Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Scenic Trail

* Bicycle safety programs through City Parks and Rec, including regular bike "road-eos" to help youngsters learn cycling skills and traffic safety rules

* Adequate, safe (theft-proof) bike facilities at all City schools.

* Bike racks @ City parks

* Bike racks @ the Boardwalk

* Bike licenses (help to quantify the # of cycles in use) perhaps w/ the
inducement of free lights or reflective leg bands or something that the City could purchase in bulk.

* Make all or part of Pacific Ave car-free. Introduce with short trial

* Repair bike lane pavement on Bay just above King.

* Two-way bike traffic on Beach

* Two-way bike traffic on High (in one-way block)

* Two-way bike traffic on ALL one-way streets

* Full-width bike bridge over San Lorenzo River at end of Beach

* Free bike licensing

* Make sure the County plans to repave/restripe/improve Capitola Road from the eastern city limits to 30th or 35th Ave or wherever are bike-friendly

* Turn King Street into a bicycle Blvd.

* Modify all traffic lights in the city so they operate correctly for
cyclists/ordinance requiring new lights to do so

* Making hwy 1 from Water/Mission to hwy 9/River open to bikes (or even extending bicycle access from hwy 9 to Ocean street on hwy 1)

Covered bike parking at the metro center and at the base of the UCSC campus.


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