Why the Planet Needs
More People with Bike Trailers

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When You Own a Bike Trailer, you will see why:

They are an important car-free tool. Getting any load anywhere becomes a most seductive feeling. They make for one less excuse to drive a car. They are easy to pull -- the drag is hardly noticeable unless you're going up a hill or you're trying to race. They spell independence. Your bike won't feel like a tank. They make you feel proud as your load sings along happily behind you. They help you feel invincible. Motorists give you more respect and a wider berth when passing you since they think you're working as hard as they are. You don't need racks, baskets, panniers, or special bags to be able to move things around. Heavy duty rear wheels are not necessary on the bike itself to ward off possible spoke breakage. Pulling one makes you a stronger rider. With a trailer, around town riding can make for great training. When not using one, your performance bike remains a performance bike. Some can be used as a place to transport paperwork, dry clothes or a briefcase computer when it rains. They're super FUN!!

You're SAFER  when you ride with one because:

They don't upset the handling characteristics of your bike. You don't have to fight your bike with the subtle steering microadjustments that are needed when you make any bike carry the weight. Weight that you might have been carrying on your back does not raise your center of gravity to dangerous levels

They Have Many Uses With or Without a Bike:

Can bring your dog places with you. Many can haul kids around. Some double as baby joggers. In some trailers, you can even put your small children in them, along with their bikes, when they get tired of riding them with you. Can buy larger items, anything that you can fit in the back seat of a car (such as garage sale purchases, dog food, many appliances, broken bikes, bike parts, car parts, small furniture, etc.), and move those things from place to place with your bike. Great for grocery shopping (most can carry three or four full shopping bags). Great for camping or cross country touring. Great for deliveries. Great for transporting plants, small trees and garden supplies. Great for laundry trips if your machine is broken or if you don't have one. Great for trips to the beach, or picnics in the park (carry an umbrella, ice chest, towels, folding chairs, even compact folding tables, etc.). Moving wood, tools, etc. around big yards. Their many uses are only limited by your imagination

Martin Krieg
Trailer Owner since 1983
Trailer TransAm 1986

These trailer manufacturers support both a more car-free lifestyle and the National Bicycle Greenway:

Excellent 'Bent Trailer Options:
BicycleR Evolution
The rain and performance bike trailer
Passion - Performance - Personality
Blue Sky
Making quality bicycle trailers for over 20 years
Cycletote Bicycle Trailer
Safety -- Performance Trailers for Children, Special Needs, Touring, Utility
Specialized in High Performance Human Powered Trailers Systems
Human Powered Machines
Car Free Tools from the Center for Appropriate Transport
Lightfoot Cycles
Will build to suit any need

Ctty Bike Cart

Trailer Comparison Chart

Trailer possibilities c/o the Ctty Bike Cart people:
• grocery shopping
• moving to a new home
• parade float
• critical mass bike ride
• bike transporter
• mobile renewable energy
• pickup truck alternative
• carrying manure
• spreading manure
• trash/recycling pickup
• grocery delivery
• furniture delivery
• pizza delivery
• newspaper delivery
• bicycle rickshaw service
• ice cream cart
• dumpster diving
• transporting huge glass doors that don't fit in cars
• picking up junked bikes for community bike programs
• moving rocks out of a garden
• carrying food to gatherings
• food pickups for survival centers
• delivering medical supplies at protests
• moving food/waste/tools on a farm
• foraging...

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