Since 1995
National Bicycle Greenway in action
Philadelphia Biking 2005
# of bike lane miles 170
# of off road trail miles 34
# Bike Racks 1000 >>>  2000 more in 2006
Bike Coordinator? no
Bike Maps? First in 1999, update in 2002
Hazard Report Form? no
# of bike rack equipped buses 80%
Bikes on Trains? YES
# Bike shops 30
% of trips by bike? 3%
Bike to Work Day? YES
# Colleges n/a
# of Rain/snow days n/a
# of days below 45 degrees n/a
Recycked Bike Program? Neighborhood Bike Works
Bike bridges? no
Bike Boulevards? no
Bike undercrossings? 5th St Tunnel with bike lanes
Ctty Bike Repair? n/a
Population 1.5 Million
Planned More bike lanes through resurfacing and more bike racks
Local Bike Activist Organizations? The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia

Cycle America, POB 60355, Palo Alto CA 94306
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