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Pittsburgh to Columbus

Name: David Huggins-Daines

e-mail: dhuggins@fastmail.us

Route Type: Connector Link

Starting Point: Pittsburgh

Starting cross-streets: Gateway Center

Destination Point: Columbus

Destination cross-streets: High St and Main St

Miles Estimated: 190

Difficulty (Approx.): 8

Rating Explanation: Many large hills, some stretches of no-shoulder road, some heavy traffic and tricky urban riding

Cities along route: Pittsburgh, Steubenville, Cadiz, Cambridge, Zanesville, Columbus

Misc. helpful tips: Cross the Fort Pitt Bridge using the sidewalk (go into Point State Park and turn left right after the underpass).

Go left at the West End Circle onto Steuben St (get in left lane on W. Carson St, or take stairs on far side of bridge).

Go left on Wabash St, then right onto S. Main St. Follow Highway 60 (left at base of hill).

Go left at top of hill onto Highway 50 (Noblestown Road).

Go right on Jane Street at bottom of hill after I-279 underpass. Becomes Mansfield Blvd, becomes W Main St.

Left on Walkers Mill Road (about a mile past I-79 underpass). Right on Panhandle Trail.

Take Panhandle Trail to trail end in MacDonald. Go right, then left onto the main street (W Lincoln Ave). Becomes Noblestown Road.

Follow Noblestown Road to Midway Boro. Left and then right onto Grant St.

Right on Pleasant Valley Rd in Bulger, left on Joffre-Bulger Rd. Take this road to Burgettstown.

Right on Bridge St. Cross Highway 18, go left on Main St.

Right on Dinsmore Ave (unmarked, just before bridge). Becomes Francis Mine State Rd.

Right on Hanlin Station Road. Left after bridge on Bartleyville Road. Get back on Panhandle Trail when it crosses this road.

Go left at end of trail, left again onto Harmon Creek Road. Go under Highway 22 underpass, becomes Cove Rd (Weirton).

Left on Main St (Highway 2). Right on Freedom Way (just before on-ramp for Highway 22).

Cross Ohio River bridge, go left on Highway 7 and quick right onto University Blvd (Steubenville).

Go left on Brady Avenue (follow signs to Highway 43). Go right on Highway 43. Becomes Sunset Blvd.

Go straight to remain on Sunset Blvd, leaving Highway 43. Becomes Cadiz Road.

Take on-ramp to Highway 22. Ignore "motorized vehicles only" sign. Ride on wide paved shoulder, which becomes legal in a few miles anyway.

Remain on Highway 22 for many, many miles. Beware, very few services on this stretch - stock up in Cadiz!

Go left on Endley Road (about a mile after the entrance to Salt Fork State Park).

Go right on Old National Road. Merges into Highway 40.

Remain on Highway 40 until you get to Columbus (about 80 miles).

Hill Profile: Difficult

Best Times: 6-9am

Hill Work: Six large hills between Cadiz and Salt Fork. Five large hills between Zanesville and Hebron.

Excess Traffic: Highway 22 gets busy between Salt Fork and Cambridge. Highway 40 entering Columbus is really awful.

Bad Roads: Bad roads in Pittsburgh and Columbus. East Main St in Columbus is in terrible condition.

No Shoulder: Highway 22 between Cadiz and Cambridge

Bike Lanes: Highway 40 between Zanesville and Brownsville

Sights to See: Antrim, Ohio, on Route 22, has a very cool old-style general store.

Camping locations: Piedmont Lake has a campground, as does Salt Fork State Park. There are a number of state forests and parks just off of Highway 22.

Lodging locations:
Many motels in Steubenville, Cambridge, Zanesville, and Hebron

Drinking water locations: No drinking water at the Piedmont rest area! Stock up ahead of time.

Food concessions: Ice cream stand at Piedmont. Aforementioned general store in Antrim.

Bicycle type: Sport-Touring

Last time taken: July 2004

How often taken: Once

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