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National Bicycle Greenway in action
2005 Roanoke NBG Day Report
Concetta Loves Roanoke

Mayor Harris, Liz Belcher, Danny Foster and others joined me this afternoon to celebrate National Bicycle Greenway Day in the city of Roanoke. It was a wonderful celebration that took place at the Roanoke River Greenway, the latest declaration of the cities commitment to creating a cycle friendly place to live. The Virginia Department of Transportation is currently working on a revised transportation initiative which states, "The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) will initiate all highway construction projects with the presumption that the projects shall accommodate bicycling and walking".

As for the city of Roanoke, they have a striving greenway system and the Blue Ridge Parkway which draws in cyclist from all over the US. This is a great place to ride your bicycle. Today, Danny and I rode up to the top of Mill mountain and then in a 20 mile loop around the base. There is honestly no need for designated trails here because most of the roads are rural, and unmarked, with very low traffic. This place is absolutely bicycle heaven.

Concetta Curtis

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