November 06, 2003

Coventry: The Recumbent Giant of Oregon!

Sherman Coventry, who does a daily 12-mile commute to this shop in Portland, OR, Coventry Cycle Works open since 1984, on his Tour Easy recumbent, has been selling recumbents there since 1995. And during that time, he has watched that part of his his business grow and grow. So much so, in fact, that recumbents now make up half of his sales volume and take up over half of his floor space. As a man who bikes his talk, his store has easily become the HPV Giant of Oregon (btw: in one of the hottest bike cities in America).

A no frills, down to earth guy who likes a bike that can perform, whether upright or bent, and an intellectual who is most knowledgeable about all of his offerings, at his shop he sells all the top brands: Haluzak, Easy Racer, Rans, Vision, Bachetta, Big Cat, Sun EZ and Burley. If your are in the Pacific Northwest don't miss the chance to visit one of America's premiere recumbent dealers!! The Coventry Cycle Works web site: .

Posted by mkreig at November 6, 2003 11:12 AM