November 16, 2003

New Neon Light Makes Night Riding Fun!!

Want to be the talk of the night time road? Want to put on a light show that motorists will be unable to miss? If so, there's a new lighting product on the market that is as fun to use as it is conspicuous. An exciting glowing wire that vibrates in hues of pink, blue (two different shades), green, red and chartreuse that pierce thru the dark the EL Wire by Michael's Light Toys has been creating quite bit of attention for me now with the shorter daylight of the fast approaching winter.

The long lines of the recumbent lend themselves perfectly to this product as the one meter of wire that you get can be draped creatively all over the bike. And the two 2A batteries that run it last a very long time. So if you want cars to avoid you like the plaque as tho you are an invader from another planet and can love all the fun that will result, the EL Wire has your name on it!

$15 from Michael's Light Toys where the service will also astound you!!

btw: I look forward to the darkness now because of my EL Wire

Posted by mkreig at November 16, 2003 09:21 PM