January 30, 2004

Reynolds Weld Lab, World's Fastest Bent

From our Mayors' Ride newsletter,
George Reynolds inventor of the world's fastest production bikes, the Reynolds Weld Lab speed machines has agreed to sponsor the Boston to New York City relay leg. And he may do the same island hopping run I did when I made that connection at the end of my 1986 TransAm. As such then he may take the ferry to Cape Cod and ride it south to the Post Road on the mainland where he will pick up the ferry at Bridgeport, CT. It will take him to Long Island where he will ride down to New York City. Of note, it was on the Cape that I birthed the idea of a National Bicycle Greenway as I rode a reconverted rail path almost the length of the island. It was here that found myself wondering the whole way why, if we could go to the moon, why we could not somehow create a coast to coast bike connection. And I've not stopped pushing for such a through way since......

Martin Krieg

Posted by mkreig at January 30, 2004 08:11 PM