March 18, 2004

FREE Rowbike for Riding NBG Relay Leg

If you feel adventurous and really want to earn your next two wheeler, the Rowbike people are offering a free 720 Sport (or Crew for people over 6'2") model Rowbike (worth $900) for riding one of their revolutionary bikes on select relay legs in our 3rd Annual National Mayors' Ride!! As per our schedule (noted below), these sections are:

Leg 1: Tampa June 1 to Washington DC 7/2 -- 936 miles (2 mayors)
Leg 2: Seattle 5/14 to Portland 5/17 to Eugene 5/21 -- 283 miles (3 mayors)
Leg 3: Santa Barbara 6/3 to San Luis Obispo 6/4 to Monterey 6/7 -- 266 miles (3 mayors)
Leg 4: Pittsburgh 7/9 to Columbus 7/14 to Indianapolis 7/23 -- 362 miles (3 mayors)
Leg 5: San Francisco 6/11 to Chicago 7/30 - 2428 miles (9 mayors)
Leg 6: Pittsburgh 7/9 to Chicago 7/30 - 788 miles (4 mayors)

You will need to meet Mayors, be able to keep on schedule and enjoy all the attention you will be getting. You will also need to be fit and able to handle your own routing and expenses for food and lodging. Cycle touring experience preferred along with the ability to undertake new challenge and come away a winner.

The Rowbike is a like a rowing machine with wheels on it. A cutting edge concept for getting a full body workout, the Rowbike was invented by Rollerblade inventor Scott Olson and is easily learned and an incredible joy to rode. Outfitted with seven gears and made of many high quality bike components, the Rowbike was ridden from Florida to Maine in 20 days. Which is to say that if you can ride one from San Francisco or Pittsburgh to our Chicago NBG Fest on July 30, the bike as well is yours to keep!!

If you want to make history with us next summer, apply at:
Where it says, "Anything else you'd like to share with us?", tell us that you want to take the Rowbike Challenge we are proposing here!

To find out more about the Rowbike:

To See our 2004 Mayors' Ride Schedule:

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