April 08, 2004

The All New Linear: Healthy and Robust

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If U R thinking about doing a long tour this summer, maybe even as a part of our Mayors' Ride, do get a look at the all new Linear. And I really mean all new. Peter Stull, the new Linear Bicycles owner and esteemed proprietor of the Bicycle Man bike shop in upstate NY , brings a tremendous amount of enthusiasm to this legendary bicycle.

Nor did he just buy the name and remaining stock and just sit around and wait for orders and repeat business to come in. Instead, he suspended the operation and got busy looking for ways to improve this already time tested product.

Peter and his small team of dedicated bike enthusiasts began experimenting They found that welding the bike's famous folding feature shut produced a recumbent that no longer creaked and groaned but became a hot enough performer that next they needed more brake horsepower for it. It got v-brakes front and rear. They kept reinforcing and trimming away any of the minimal excess that remained.

And the results have been impressive. Seems old Linear customers are coming out of the woodwork for the bike. Peter even tells me that he recently took a straight across trade on a Gold Rush for one of these machines.

You can still buy the LWB version that fits in a car trunk but for $100 less you can have an under the seat steered LWB that performs with the best of them for 1,500 well spent dollars. Go to http://linearrecumbents.com.

Posted by mkreig at April 8, 2004 10:20 PM