October 05, 2004

Trailers vs Panniers & “How to Bike America”

For the record, if you are a bike shop, here is a page you will want to bookmark for your customers planning a long distance tour next summer. It will help them decide between trailers and panniers:


If you are a cyclist planning multi-day bike tour for next season, do save this url and know also that this is just one of 14 chapters from our on-line book “How to Bike America” found at:

Table of Contents for:
“How to Bike America
Or do any multi-day bike tour"

Introduction #1
Why TransAm #2
TransAm Mindset #3
Pre-Ride Eating #4
Deprivation Training #5
The Great Pannier -Trailer Debate #6
Recumbent or Upright? #7
Fall TransAm Training #8
Winter Training #9
The Performance Box #10
(Using it to commit, achieve, and break free from your ties)
TransAm Road Food: How, What, Where, When #11
The Psychology of Now #12
From "How to Move Mountains, with Love"
Summer Training #13
Still Undecided? #14

How to Break Free from the Ties that Bind, Part One #15
Meditation, Visualization, Writing a Proposal for your Employer
How to Break Free from the Ties that Bind, Part Two #16
Magnetism, the Philosophy of 2nd Hand and the War Chest you will Need
- The Gear you will Need
- The Attitude you will Need
- Awake Again by Martin Krieg
- Beyond Backpacking, Guide to Lightweight Hiking by Ray Jardines
- BikePacking by Andrew Morton
-"How to Manifest your Destiny" by Wayne Dyer

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