December 30, 2004

Easy Street Valve Caps Stop Lost Air

For immediate release Contact: Mike Librik
12/30/04, 512-453-0438

Ever wondered why tires lose air if you don't keep them pumped up? Well, the people at Easy Street Recumbents are pleased to offer the latest innovation in Schrader valve caps that speaks to this problem. They now offer an alloy valve cap that has a pressure seal built into it. Since minor changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure jiggle the valves on ordinary Schrader tubes (common on bikes, automobiles, wheelbarrows, etc)., air from the tube is released over time. If you are tired of constantly topping off your tires, you cannot go wrong for just $3 per cap. Give Easy Street a call at 512-453-0438 (let it ring).

Posted by mkreig at December 30, 2004 08:41 PM