January 06, 2005

World's Fastest Bike with a Shock Absorber

The ZBone by Reynolds Weld Lab

George Reynolds has outdone himself again! In his insatiable quest for speed, he has concocted a bike that according to him is the "best one I ever made". He tells me that it's the fastest bike he has ever produced and this is coming from a man who has made some of the fastest Low Racers on the road today; machines that push even the lightest titanium and carbon fiber road bikes to their performance extremes whenever one asks them for a race. And as it cooks on the flats, it also has a voracious climbing appetite. This he says is due to the Front Wheel Drive he is running on this machine.

And George tells me that by making the bike FWD (pictured at right is a close up of the ZOX FWD that the ZBone uses),

he also can run the seat at the same low levels that he has with his widely respected Low Racers. And to help with the fatigue that breaks any fast rider down, he added a Cane Creek shock over the rear wheel. Weight Penalty with Mounts: 1.5 lbs. All this on a *titanium* recumbent that weighs in at under 23 lbs and not only delivers on acceleration but also on comfort. In fact, if you go to his company website, you will see that they are calling the bike, the X-Bone GTR for Grand Touring Recumbent..

They also offer two wheel size versions. They can be outfitted with either 20" or 700C wheels. And the whole bike travels quite easily as well. Slip the wheels, seat and crank into a wheel bag, then loosen a few bolts and slide the frame into a 36" x 12" x 12" box and it all comes aboard a plane with you at no extra charge as regular luggage.

Framesets start at $2700. $3800 for the complete bike.

Posted by mkreig at January 6, 2005 09:29 AM