January 27, 2005

S&B Foldable Tandem Trike

One of the early pioneers of the modern day recumbent movement, the S&B Recumbent people have a wealth of experience getting people moved around while low to the ground, Besides their popular USS, SWB bikes and all the custom work they do to make other recumbents suit the specialized needs of their customers, they've even pushed the design envelope with their pipe bike. A micro-sized trike that can fit into an 18” hole and expand to less than 48” in height, municipalities are using them to examine as well as fix the inside of pipes buried under their city streets.

Always defying the standard that are set for two and three wheel propulsion, they are now just about ready to come to the market with their folding tandem trike. Think a trike for two that stores as well as ships to exotic riding turf easily and you will understand why this is a such a breakthrough mode of conveyance

To find out more, keep an eye on their web site

Posted by mkreig at January 27, 2005 09:07 PM