August 30, 2007

Busycle Inventor Completes Bent TransAm Ride !

Busycle inventor, Matthew Mazotta, pictured at the right in the photo below, just completed a ride across the US on the Rans Stratus that Randy Schllitter, the owner of Rans Recumbents, sold to him at cost. Having ridden from Boston to Seattle, he did so with his friend Michael Connett who rode the Easy Racer I suggested he buy. What's wild about their ride is that neither of them had seen a recumbent bicycle before they came out here and left us with the Busycle, the ultimate, 16-person recumbent bicycle, last summer.

Here is an excerpt of the email I just got from Matthew:
it was a trip of a lifetime, really made me see the world in so many wonderful lights. When people would ask us when did we think of this trip or why, your name always seemed to come up as dropping a little seed in our heads and also with the recumbants since MIke and I had never been on one before.

And these guys, both artists, took some great photos, Creative and fun, the commentary that accompanies them is filled with humor. And if you do get a look, you will see that they were great ambassadors for the recumbent way of moving oneself about on a bicycle! Here is Matthew at Mount Rushmore:

Here is the first half of their photo stream:

Here is the second half:

Speaking of the Busycle, these rides are straight ahead:

Sunday, September 9, 10:30AM

Ride with us on the 15-person Busycle from its garage in Midtown to the Palo Alto Airport for their annual Airport Day celebration (Aircraft on Display, Tower Tours, Free plane rides by EAA for youths 8-17, Food and Fun).

Since we will be crossing over Hwy 101, we will need 14 sets of strong legs. We expect that there likely be a few fit public officials making up a part of this number. And the airport will reward us with food and drink for our efforts. As well, I know this will be a fun ride. Whenever we fill the bus with pedalers used to pumping the gears, the result is always big time joy. Who wants to rumble with us? I know I am excited, Wow!!

Saturday, September 15, 11:00AM

Ride with us on the 15-person Busycle from its garage in Midtown to the Midtown Summer Fest (meet local merchants. Fun activities for kids, scavenger hunt to collect prize tickets, food, drinks, music and more!!) located in the shopping center on Middlefiled at Colorado.

This will be am easy fun ride. We can have as many adults as we have kids, so for every child under 14, there has to be an adult on the bus with him or her!! As in, if U have three kids bring two of your adult friends. And did we say that the merchants will feed us? They will so tell your pals there is also food and drink at the end of this easy one mile ride!

Coming soon:
9-23--07 Waverly Street Social
9-28-06 Castilleja Girls School centennial (private) Ellen Fletcher Bike Blvd Ride

If you want to get an Evite to ride any of them, reply to me directly at

THX 4 all of U!!

Posted by mkreig at August 30, 2007 02:29 PM