January 11, 2008

Pedal Power Plans for TVs, Washers, Appliances, etc & the Busycle

On the first Sunday in January, we had the privilege of having David Butcher's strong legs powering the Busycle for a documentary film crew that had come all the way from Korea to shoot some video of our Busycle in action. David just so happened to be one of our riders because after the TV people were done with us, they had set up to take a closer look at the amazing Human Power generating system he has invented. In his own words, it is:

"Power From The People!"
Every morning, I pedal to generate electricity. The Pedal Generator I ride charges batteries, that run an inverter, that produces 110v AC, that powers LED lights, the monitor on my computer, my cell phones, and many other small battery-powered things. It is the most inspiring workout you can imagine.

Here are just a few of the many uses he has found for his cutting edge pedal power generator:

- Television
- Kitchen Appliances
- Backup generator for solar electric systems or other off-grid power systems.
- Biodiesel circulation pump or biodiesel transfer pump
- Washing machine
- Clothes dryer
- Whole-house ventilation fan
- Pump and watering system for storing rainwater
- Emergency sump pump
- Backup circulation pump and backup air pump for tropical fish, expensive pond Koi, etc
- Generator, emergency bilge pump, crew-warmer and exerciser for marine use.
- Air compressor for small jobs (eg filling tires, staple guns, nail guns, caulking guns, small hand tools)
- Offset printing press, sewing machine, hand tools (grinder, disk sander, buffer, drill, reciprocating saw, lathe), mulch grinder
- Public address systems, projectors, or amplifiers for music

To begin pedaling up a fresh supply of your own power, go to:

What's more is that David says come next spring he will rig up a way to capture the power our Busyclists make for a sound system loud enough to be heard over our noisy drive train. It should also give us enough juice to power head and taillights!

Posted by mkreig at January 11, 2008 08:59 PM