The Boise Reception
(from Salt Lake City, UT )
National Bicycle Greenway Day in Boise
July 16,2002
L-R: Rocky Brown, unidentified radio reporter, Skot Paschal, Boise City Council President Mike Wetherell, Officer Ryan Jones at the press conference on the steps of Boise City Hall

Rocky's Reception

City Hall was a modern brick building a couple of blocks from the Capitol Building. There I was talking to the two officers (who rode up earlier on mountain bikes to meet us) and as they were telling me about their job patrolling the Green Belt, I could tell they loved it from the looks on their smiling faces.

Skot rode down to take a closer look at the Capitol building and I saw him up on the large landing where the reception would take place. Someone yelled at Skot and asked where Bob was. And as that was said, we saw Bob zoom by oblivious to us. His dad, who had come for this, ran after him yelling for him to come back. He was obviously distracted by the historic building. Fortunately the day before I had gotten my look at what was here.

Everything from then on was a flurry of activity and too much for my wandering eyes.  This was an emotional time for me and, as it became time for me to speak, my wandering eyes became "watering" eyes.

Noticing that Lynn Shrum's (the Mayor's personal assistant) eyes were also moistening, I knew it was time to do myself and the TV cameraman a favor and finish what I wanted to say. Somehow I managed to finish my little speech and then Skot stepped up to the plate. Now, all eyes were focused on Skot, as all you readers should now be.

Skot and Bob knew their way to the Green Belt so, after wishing them luck, I was on my way. I did look over my shoulder and saw Skot & Bob getting ready to ride - and the beautiful Capitol Building in Idaho's City of Boise. What a day!!

Rocky Brown

"This is the best
thing I have ever

Rocky Brown upon completing
his relay link from Salt Lake City
to the Boise NBG reception.

Council President Mike Wetherell presenting the proclamation to Rocky Brown
Thanks, Rocky! I've really enjoyed your updates and your positive attitude. I'm impressed.
Biker, tourer, commuter
Ride Safe!
I've been following your ride through the horrible triple digit heat from here in NJ, and I just wanted to say thank you for doing this for bicyclists. Someday I hope to get back into the bicycle business if this country ever gets over its auto culture. I still don't own a car (since 1993).

I applaud your ride! It truly filled me with pride that you completed it against all odds. (the heat and wind and crazy drivers and wretched highways and broken glass and a country who just doesn't give a shit about bicyclists)
With all my heart,
Just a note to say thanks for picking up and carrying the NBG torch. I've been reading your reports with the greatest of interest. Glad you made it safely, esp. through that heat.
Happy pedaling.
I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your journals as you rode a tough ride. Thank you for carrying the torch through all the heat and wind. I think you made a difference in our lives.
To My New Friends in Idaho:

It is hard to express my thanks to all the people I met in Idaho - from the two young boys with that cool water from their refrigerator   - to all the folks who had anything to do with the proclamation reception - for the Green Belt Bike Path - for all those bike racks along Capitol Blvd. (and how they were not an eyesore - they belonged there!) -  for even the challenging dust storm which made me appreciate even more the lower part of Idaho but, most of all,  for my visit to the Capitol City of Idaho: Boise.  Thanks for that!!!   What a great way to end my ride!

I saw first-hand that Idaho is one small state doing more than its share to feed our nation. Thank you, Idaho!

Rocky Alan Brown

Bob & Skot
The Relay Continues to Portland

After a small press conference at city hall, we took off and had a problem free ride for about 30 minutes. Skot's head set broke and we had to cruise over to the bike shop. fortunately it was only a mile or so away, and we were back on the road. Later we had to jump on I-84 for a little ways. Intestates are pretty scary and even more annoying. After passing one sign advertising a historical sight with no historical sight anywhere to be found, we soon located two real historical sights. We are, in fact, staying at a historical sight right now. We are at Fort Boise, a very important part of Idaho's grand history. We had a short day, but are both tired. Hopefully the highway wont keep us awake too long.

Bob Schwenkler
Skot Paschal's relay partner to Portland

Skot Paschal and Harley Parson (Idaho IMBA State Rep) discussing the route to Portland
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