October 23, 2003

The Linear Making Strong Comeback


Here is a follow up from Peter Stull, the owner of Linear Recumbents, to our news release (attached to serve as a reference point), dated 12/19/02:

We purchased the assets of Linear bicycles because we feel they are a unique bike offering a great relaxing ride at a reasonable price. We have looked at weak areas and tweaked the design. New welded Linears are now being produced here in NY. Folding Liners will be in production before spring.

We have added a gusset behind the welded on bottom bracket, making this part of the frame two to four times stiffer and stronger. We added a rear V-Brake mount on the rear chainplates. Our measurements show the chainplates being about four times stiffer now. This should address the creaking some Liner owners experienced. It should also eliminate fatigue related cracking of the chainplates. Of course it improves braking too!

The new reinforced chainplates will fit older Linears but will require a 26" rear wheel. They will be available before spring '04.

We are having finite element analysis done on the frame and seat to see what else should be tweaked. We are considering a new seat design.

By spring we will have 50 LWBs and maybe a few CLWBs ready to go.

This picture (http://www.BikeRoute.com/OrigLinearw-Dirk.jpg ) is Dirk, the originator (kneeling) of Linear with bike #1.

Peter Stull
Bicycle Man LLC
Linear Recumbents
& 70 'bents from 15 other brands
TREK Traditional bikes too!
Alfred Station NY 14803
open 10-6:00, Wed through Sat.


-------------- News Release-----------------------------

Peter Stull of the Bicycle Man bought all the remaining manufacturing stock and encourages your input as he reintroduces them to the marketplace

The world's first production recumbent that folds is back. And if I
know long time NBG supporter Peter Stull of the Bicycle Man
http://www.bicycleman.com, the Linear Recumbent
http://Linearrecumbent.com will make a strong comeback indeed. Peter
wants feedback from existing owners. And for the many upgrades he
plans for this fleet of machines, he seeks your input here as well!!

Peter can be reached at peter@bicycleman.com

As well, if you've had any experience with the suspension system that
Bil Patterson, the Cal Poly SLO engineering professor, devised for
this bike, Peter seeks your input here as well. As added testimony to
his excitement for showing how far a machine can come, he also wants
any old photos or any other Linear memorabilia you may happen to have
in your possession.

And talk about a bullet proof machine, I love my Compact (the bike
that Harry Wozniak of Wheel & Sprocket helped to develop). Here it is
with a Zzipper front fairing and my Gary Souza designed tailbox
fairing in front of a winter waterfall along the ocean out here in
Santa Cruz:

Go Linear!!


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