October 30, 2003

Want a Wooden Recumbent?

Tom Kabat's driftwood recumbent:

Is there a wood recumbent in your future? Better yet, how about a driftwood bent? Made from recycled children's bikes parts? Tom Kabat, an engineer for the city of Palo Alto, has created a handful of fascinating such designs that he rides about town including a tandem and one with a four inch razor scooter front wheel.

Nor is any welding involved. And believe it or not the ride is actually quite sublime. Performance, handling and comfort are all much compromised but if you want to be able to say you built your own designer bent for pennies on the dollar, a wood bike might just be the answer. Before you begin, however, you might want to consult with Tom. All of his creations are very clever indeed and he may be able to save you many hours and much frustration. As well, he has many ideas for how these machines can be made long distance worthy...

Tom can be reached at: tomkabat@aol.com

On 10/30/03 Tom replied with this:

I have since replaced the cranks and bottom bracket (to a more solid one piece), added another chain idler (for quietness) and put 3 inches of foam and a Hawaiian motif seat cover on the seat and back (for ass-thetics). My wife wants me to glue sand and shells to the plywood and I need to work on a kelp covered cable (or just an old boat rope with shackles). I'm commuting on the driftwood bike and just winterized 3 others with a coat of deck sealer.

I wonder about the protective effects of deck sealer on bike chain. :-)

Tom Kabat

Posted by mkreig at October 30, 2003 10:17 AM